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  • In this blog I will take you through several steps that lead you to the best option for you. You’ll find out what questions you need to ask yourself and what factors weigh in. 

    At the end of this blog you’ll find a link to the complete, downloadable guide, in which you’ll learn all about the pricing structure and what details to consider.

    1. Choose the software based on your strategy. 

    Are you doing more things at once or do you work in phases? This is something to keep in mind for a successful implementation, and for which license to choose. We see two scenarios:

    • Clients start with HubSpot from scratch. 
    • Clients migrating existing data to HubSpot.

    Both scenarios offer the possibility of a phased approach. But sometimes you can’t avoid transferring everything at once. Keep this in mind when choosing your license.

    2. Determine if a starter package is enough for you, or you need Professional or Enterprise. 

    Even though we’re a fan of being future-proof and looking ahead, choosing the right license means looking at what you need right now. Don’t pay for more than that just yet. You can always upgrade later, but you can only spend each penny once.

    3. Will you need a HubSpot partner for the onboarding or can you do it straight through HubSpot? 

    The first blow is half the battle. Don’t underestimate the importance of a smooth transition to HubSpot. The onboarding and setup can make or break the success of your CRM and other tools further down the road. 

    Both options are good. Because Wiljekoffie is based in the Netherlands, it offers the possibility to do the onboarding in two languages (Dutch/English).

    In addition, the HubSpot onboarding team do not setup integrations with external tools / parties. This is something we can help you with.

    Finally, another reason to do the onboarding via Wiljekoffie is the experience within our verticals: tech & health. Thanks to our experience in these sectors, we can work more focused, do benchmarks and we will understand each other more quickly.

    4. Determine how many paid ‘seats’ you will need. 

    An important part of choosing the right license, is choosing one for which you don't overpay. I want your license to fit your organization just right, so let’s take enough time to find out how many paid seats you are going to actually use. On average, it is around 25 percent of your total staff who need a seat, but we’re diving deeper into the math in the guide.

    5. Decision time! Get the license you need and get started with HubSpot. 

    When you’re sure you’re going to be paying for the things you need, and aren’t missing anything in your license, it’s time to get started. 

    Find out what HubSpot license is best for your business. Download the whitepaper for more in-depth information.

    * If you want to know what the importance is of an successful migration to HubSpot, read this blog.

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    Here's the downloadable guide, in which you’ll learn all about the pricing structure and what details to consider.

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