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  • As one of the private beta testers, we would like to share our review of the new CMS Enterprise. Quite a few new features have been launched and in this blog we want to highlight the most relevant features for us.

    The Hubspot CMS initially launched almost 2 years ago (5 sept 2018). Up until that point it was possible to host landingspages and blogs. From that moment on HubSpot invested a lot of time and money into developing the current CMS Enterprise.

    There are three reasons to move to Hubspot CMS:

    1. As a marketeer, to create personalized website pages for different visitors - and optimized for devices and conversions
    2. As a developer, to build websites using the tools you prefer. Enable your marketing team to make those last-minute updates on their own with flexible themes.
    3. As a IT professional, because safety and reliability is backed by HubSpot with their dedicated 24/7 security team and out-of-the-box features like enterprise-class web application firewall, SSL, custom CDN, SSO memberships, and more.

    Since the launch of the CMS in 2018, the product has matured much more. It is often compared to Wordpress, but we see that the CMS Enterprise really goes a step further than that. 

    During the beta we've stopped several functions that made our life easier. These are the most important ones.

    Serverless functions

    Serverless functions provide a way to write server-side code that interacts with HubSpot and third-party services through APIs. Since the HubSpot CMS is a SaaS and has some limitations, this is a good way to get your website integrated with other tools you need to run your website.

    One example of a serverless function we've used during the private beta is transfering data from HubSpot to Helpscout. Since there isn't a out-of-the-box integration with Helpscout yet, we've decided to use the serverless functions. The biggest benefit is that you don't need to maintain your own infrastructure for this integration. 


    Code Alerts provide a centralized location for developers and IT managers to see an overview listing of issues that are identified inside of your HubSpot CMS. By fixing the issues that are identified in Code Alerts it can help to optimize your website by helping to improve your customers experience and your sites performance as a whole.

    For developers it's important to track down errors and optimalisations in the code you wrote. The new code alerts function enables you to track errors, read log-files. The real-life scenario of the code-alerts was that it suggested us to remove certain CSS lines that we're not used anymore.

    Content partitioning

    HubSpot has really done their best to create a product with the CMS Enterprise that is suitable for working with multiple teams. This means that you can organize themes, parts of the website and pages into teams.

    For example if you company has multiple divisions with a different look-and-feel it's very helpfull to connect certain pages to that specific theme. Our client Xsens has two different productlines that are suitable for content partitioning. 

    Reverse proxy support

    Regardless of how complex your site hosting configuration, HubSpot can support you. Reverse proxy support lets you host all your content through an externally hosted domain, while still allowing your marketers to leverage CMS Hub.

    Before the launch of Hubspot CMS Enterprise it was really difficult to handle stuff like a customer portal hosted under the same domain-name. Within the new CMS beta this was possible and performed well.

    Dynamic page testing

    This function was already available for landingspages, but it is now available for website pages too. This is awesome!

    A dynamic website page is a CMS page whose content changes based on the path of the URL requested by an end user. This means that for a websitepages you can setup multiple versions of the same webpage (form / meetingtool / iframe). HubSpot will automatically choose the best performing variation based on conversion rates. 

    Custom CDN configuration

    HubSpot normally takes care of almost everything. Also the CDN. But as an Enterprise user it can happen that you need to host or cache some items yourself. This features is added in HubSpot CMS Enterprise.

    Normally HubSpot handles everything related to the hosting. We've not tested this functionality yet but we think this will be a great feature for our Enterprise clients.


    As an enterprise user you often have to deal with multiple domains. This was a previously unsupported feature. This is a really valuable addition to the HubSpot CMS Enterprise.

    Corporate and Enterprise accounts typically have multi-domain websites. So if you have multiple brands with own domains this is now possible within the new Hubspot CMS Enterprise. 

    HubSpot CRM api v3

    This brand-new API endpoint allows developers to filter, sort, and search across all CRM objects (contacts, companies, deals, etc). These new capabilities will allow for more effective data retrieval across the CRM.

    You might use this API for:

    • Getting a list of contacts for a specific account
    • Retrieving a list of all open deals
    • Searching for contacts by custom properties

    One real-life example that we really benefitted from is filtering and sorting within the new CRM API v3. For one of our clients we tried to pull the latest submissions associated to contact from the API. Without sorting the objects it was really hard to see which submission was the 'newest'. With this new functionallity this will be become much easier.

    Another example is pulling a list of deals from the API within a certain deal-stage. This data is new already filtered so you don't need to do that yourself!

    Hubspot CMS Enterprise, a product that suits Enterprise and Corporate clients

    Hubspot's CMS has always been a high-quality product. But we must honestly add that it was not yet ready for corporate customers. We are happy to see that with this extension of the CMS, Enterprise can also choose Hubspot to host their website.

    Are you facing one of these problems?

    • Our website is a one-size-fits none, static brochure.
    • We’re running into risk and compliance issues with how our internal teams use the site.
    • Managing multiple brands in various systems creates unnecessary complexity and siloed systems.

    Then the Hubspot CMS Enterprise will be a great fit. This is where Wiljekoffee likes to think along with you.

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