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    Marketing is one of the first things a company thinks of when releasing a new service or product, they want to reach people but often face the challenge of asking themselves “how do we reach the target audience?”. One very effective way is animated video.

    Future proof

    With an animated video you are not limited to the real world, you can show products that haven’t been made yet or processes that are still in development.

    Another benefit of animated is video being future proof since they are easily editable for future changes. You will be able to change the content of an animation without the need to reshoot any videos. You can also re-use assets and use it for sales video.



    Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message opposing to only 10% by reading a text, this is why the target audience will remember your animated video quite easily.

    According to Hubspot 80% of customers remember a video they have watched in the past month.

    Videos give the opportunity to pack a lot of information in a short time span and engages better with the viewer. This makes animated video more memorable since people are more likely to remember a video than a long text.


    Measure success

    To finalize your marketing plan using animated video, you want to measure your success. The first thing that should be measured are the views to see the extent of your reach to the relevant audience (buyer persona).

    Secondly, you want to measure the play through rate, this is calculated by dividing the total watch time by the number of viewers. This statistic will tell you if the video was engaging and relevant enough for the average viewer to keep watching. If the watch time is low, ask yourself the question “how can we make the video more relevant?”

    And lastly you can add a Hubspot form into the video and measure how many prospects will be converted and have their contact information synced with Hubspot.


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